At Key Elements Counseling, we can help you develop strategies to make navigating life’s moments… a little easier.

We are glad you have taken a step toward growth and change!  Counseling is an important tool in creating a healthy, balanced life.  Our therapists can assist you with various issues that may impact you every day or life events that occur unexpectedly. We help you develop the skills you need to move forward by setting measurable and achievable goals.  

We are down-to-earth, real people whose paths have brought us here to work with others- just like you. We firmly believe that a strong therapeutic alliance is one of the key elements connected to positive client outcomes- more than any specific treatment intervention.   We aim to establish a trusting and supportive client-therapist relationship, and our mission is to help you grow, succeed, and find the solutions that are right for you.  

We provide individualized services guided by these Key Elements:

Kindness – You will be treated with respect and kindness in a supportive, comfortable atmosphere. We welcome all races, religions, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations. 

Empathy – We hope to build a supportive therapeutic relationship with you that is built on trust, compassion, and understanding.

You are the focus – Therapy is an individual process and is different for everyone. We provide the tools and therapeutic strategies that are right for you because therapy is not a one-size-fits-all model.